Bogn, the fjord of Lake Iseo

Probably the best way to explore Lake Iseo, would be to rent a car. You can follow the winding coastal road, and do a lap of the lake in around one and a half hours – but Lake Iseo offers lots of hidden stories, adventures, and places to visit, so it is definitely worth your while to spend a few days discovering them all.

On the western shore, driving from Lovere to Sarnico, and just before you reach the village of Riva di Solto, you will encounter a place of rare beauty. Reminiscent of the Norwegian fjords, you will see a high, smooth cliff face which plunges straight down into the lake – this is the Bogn, one of the most remarkable natural surprises of Lake Iseo.

During the summer, it is very easy to see the green, boat studded lagoon. With a little beach, the Bogn is an ideal destination for a swim during the hottest days. If you continue on foot, passing through a tunnel of the old coastal road, you will find yourself on a pebble beach, and during the summer season, a bar with open air tables.

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