Bossico it located on a scenic plateau dominating across the north branch of Lake Iseo and the surrounding valleys. Its panoramic location, in addition to the mild climate, has definitely contributed to its recent tourist development.

Bossico is a small mountain village where time seems to have stopped. It is the ideal location if you want to spend some time surrounded by nature, away from the noise of the modern world. In Bossico you can do long, beautiful walks, you can buy dairy products directly from the farmers and just enjoy some peace and quiet.

You can choose Bossico as a base to discover Lake Iseo area. You will find here accommodations such as hotels and bed & breakfast. You can also visit Bossico as a day trip, if you want to enjoy some time in the nature. It takes around 20 minutes drive on a winding road to reach Lake Iseo (Lovere) from Bossico. Keep this in mind if you decide to look for an accommodation here.

The best way to reach Bossico is by car, although there is also a bus service that connects Lovere to Bossico. You can find the timetable here. Don’t forget to buy a ticket at the newsagent kiosk in Piazza XII Martiri, next to the tourist office.

About Bossico

Before its touristic development, Bossico was mainly an agricultural and pastoral community.

Nowadays, many houses in Bossico are second homes. Walking around, you will see some beautiful nineteenth-century villas that – back in the days – belonged to the rich landowners of the surrounding areas. Many of these villas are located on the plateau of Lovere, in lovely meadows and pine forests. In testament to the Risorgimento era in which they were built, seven of the villas are named after the ‘seven hills’ of Rome (Aventino, Campidoglio, Celio, Viminale, Esquilino, Palatino, and Quirinale), or other famous landmarks such as Vaticano, Caprera, Gianicolo, and Pincio.

What to see in Bossico

Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Pay a visit to the seventeenth-century parish Church of Saints Peter and Paul. This is one of the most notable of the sites in Bossico and it was rebuilt on a previous church dating back to the XIV century. Inside you can admire some precious frescoes (such as “Our Lady of the Swallow”) and the beautiful statue of “Our Lady of the Rosary” (1705) by Andrea Fantoni.

Church of San Rocco

Also worth seeing is the Church of San Rocco (XVI century) which was made as a request to the saint to protect the town against the plague.


In Bossico you can enjoy open air activities like walking and mountain bike. You can find relaxing trails in the pine forest or more challenging trails.

Sagre and Fairs

During the summer Bossico hosts various events to celebrate local food or a saint:

  • La festa del pane di patate (the feast of potato bread) –  the first Sunday in August
  • La festa dei formaggi (the feast day of cheeses) – the fourth Sunday in September
  • La festa al Colle di San Fermo (a typical sagra held at San Fermo Hill) – 9th of August