Hike to Rifugio Magnolini, Costa Volpino

Lake Iseo is surrounded by mountains. Magnolini is a mountain refuge that can be reached along a path at the beginning of the valley of Supine (above the town of Lovere).

Oscar sees the rifugio in the distance

If you fancy hiking, this walk will allow you to enjoy the woods, reach 1723 meters, and admire an incredible panorama of Lake Iseo and the surrounding mountains.

  • Starting Point: Ceratello (BG)
  • Time: 2.30 hours up (We recommend doing this as a day excursion, as it is a 4-hour round-trip)
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Altitude difference: 500 m
  • Best time: all year round, apart from winter if there is the snow

The Starting Point – Ceratello

The walk starts from Ceratello, a hamlet of Costa Volpino, that can be reached by car (easiest option) or by bus, from Lovere (Piazza XIII Martiri – ask the Tourist Office for more information).

Oscar is ready to go

If you are driving, from Lovere, follow the signs to Costa Volpino and then on to Ceratello.

Drive on the steep winding road for around 15 minutes until you reach the little village of Ceratello where you can park. From the main square, follow the flat wide road that leads to Cascina Ciar restaurant.

Trail 558

Just beyond it – ignoring trail 551 to the left – turn right onto a track (trail 558) that enters a forest of pines.

Continuing on this path you will come to the first cabins of Pra di Casera (1305 m, 1 hour).

Almost there

Continue along the top of the vast and characterful mountain pasture. Keep walking along the picket-fenced trail, with the edge of the pine forest on your right, and through a large pasture.

You gain altitude over a vast grassy plateau below Monte Alto, where there is a huge farmhouse (1571 m).

Eat at Rifugio Magnolini

Continuing you cross the hillside slightly uphill, then reach Rifugio Magnolini (1612) where you can take a break and enjoy some food and drink.

The rifugio is normally open Saturday and Sunday all year round and every day from June to September, but double-check the opening times beforehand).

Rifugio Magnolini

Continue to Monte Alto for a great panorama

When ready, you can continue to the summit of Monte Alto (1723 m) – that you will see behind the rifugio – where you can enjoy an amazing view of Lake Iseo.

Rifugio Magnolini from Monte Alto
The view of Lake Iseo from Monte Alto on a winter day

To complete the round trip, on the way back you can take trail 551, which will bring you back to the Cascina ai Ciar Restaurant, where you parked. You can also do it the other way around: take the 511 to reach the rifugio and come back on trail 558.

An easier option…

If you don’t fancy a long walk, Rifugio Magnolini is also reachable in around 30 minutes walk by driving to Monte Pora. From Lovere, follow the signs to Clusone and then to Castione della Presolana and Monte Pora.

Follow the winding road until it ends and you can park the car. From the parking, go left up the ski slope. At the top, turn right and you will see a dirt track that leads you to the Rifugio in around 20 minutes.


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Daniela grew up in Lovere, Lake Iseo, but she has been calling London home since 2012. Oscar is her dog and best friend. They love hiking and wandering around the woods of Lake Iseo. Oscar also likes to feature in the photos that Daniela takes during their walks.

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