Best restaurants with a panoramic view of Lake Iseo

If you fancy a meal with a view, you are spoiled for choice at Lake Iseo. Here is a selection of restaurants that will please both your palate and your eyes.

Ristorante Panoramico – Fonteno

As the name suggests, this restaurant is all about the amazing panorama! One of the best locations on Lake Iseo to have lunch or dinner with a wonderful view. Ristorante Panoramico offers traditional dishes like fresh fish from the lake, and a more contemporary cuisine to satisfy the needs of clients who have a particular intolerance or prefer a low calories dish.

Ristorante Mirabella – Iseo

The Relais Mirabella Restaurant, with its romantic halls and panoramic terrace, is a hanging garden above Lake Iseo. The elegant restaurant offers an à la carte menu of international cuisine, which is deeply linked to the local area and the regional specialties without forgetting the prime positioning of fresh sea fish, also offered alongside fresh pasta made in a traditional way. Different cooking techniques which emphasise the delicacy of the freshwater fish feature on the menu. The typical Clusane dish is especially not to be missed: oven-baked tinca with polenta.

Ristorante Miranda – Riva di Solto

A unique location on the hills above Riva di Solto, surrounded by nature, Ristorante Miranda offers a great view of Lake Iseo and Montisola. The chefs use only local products to create dishes that combine tradition and modernity, with special attention to detail. Genuine products reflecting an authentic taste, but with a creative side that make the meal a work of art

Castello Oldofredi – Montisola

Castello Oldofredi is located in the spectacular scenery of Montisola and offers some of the most panoramic and unforgettable views. The restaurant at Castello Oldofredi offers traditional cuisine, which is enriched by all the local products of the area around Lake Iseo, which are combined in traditional and modern dishes. The dining room and the magnificent terrace overlooking the lake are the perfect locations for a romantic candle-lit dinner, ceremonies, weddings, or meetings.

Ristorante Camplani – Marone

Ristorante Camplani is located on the hills of Marone. In summer you can enjoy the picturesque view of Lake Iseo having lunch or dinner in the beautiful veranda.  The cuisine of restaurant Camplani can be defined as “Lombard tradition and creative genius”. Traditional plates of pasta, fish, and meat with a modern and creative twist.

Trattoria il Cacciatore – Sulzano

Trattoria in Italian indicates an informal restaurant that serves traditional and local dishes. You can find all of this at Trattoria Cacciatore, plus an incredible view of Lake Iseo and Montisola. Located on the hills of Sulzano, Trattoria Cacciatore offers a cozy, simple, and friendly place where you can savor simple dishes, rediscovering forgotten flavors of a cuisine prepared with quality and passion.

Ristorante Al Bella Vista – Riva di Solto

Bella Vista” in Italian means “Beautiful View” and you can definitely enjoy one if you stop for lunch or dinner in this family-owned restaurant. Al Bella Vista is an informal restaurant and pizzeria that offers traditional dishes of fish and meat and original Italian pizza. When the temperature is nice, you can eat on the terrace, while the covered veranda is perfect all year round.


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Daniela grew up in Lovere, Lake Iseo, but she has been calling London home since 2012. Oscar is her dog and best friend. They love hiking and wandering around the woods of Lake Iseo. Oscar also likes to feature in the photos that Daniela takes during their walks.

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