San Defendente, one of the Most Beautiful Panorama of Lake Iseo

The small church of San Defendente, dating back to 1574, is located in Solto Collina, in the hamlet of Esmate, and is one of the most panoramic points of Lake Iseo.

The area around the church is equipped with picnic tables. You will  also find some benches where you can comfortably sit and admire the enchanting panorama: on your left, the villages of Castro and Lovere, and the river Oglio with the mountains in the background; in front of you, the Eastern shore of Lake Iseo and the Mount Corna dei Trentapassi; further South, where the lake turns west, Monteisola, the biggest lake island in Europe.

How to reach San Defendente:

There are different ways to reach San Defendente. The quickest one is to drive to Solto Collina and follow the directions for Esmate. Passed the small hamlet in the direction of Cerete, you will find the cemetery of Esmate and a small church, where you can park your car. From there, take Via Clisano and after passing some houses, you set off on a dirt road that follows a steady incline. You will reach San Defendente with a 20/30 minutes walk. This is a nice walk that is suitable to everyone and is very popular amongst families.


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Daniela grew up in Lovere, Lake Iseo, but she has been calling London home since 2012. Oscar is her dog and best friend. They love hiking and wandering around the woods of Lake Iseo. Oscar also likes to feature in the photos that Daniela takes during their walks.

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