The Scenic Walk from Castro to San Defendente

This scenic and panoramic walk starts at the highest point of the village of Castro, follows a beautiful path on the hill that runs along the lake, enters the wood, and goes uphill to the little church of San Defendente, one of the most panoramic spots of  Lake Iseo.

  • Starting Point: Castro (BG)
  • Time: 3 hours (the entire walk, but you can also do just part of it and still enjoying the panorama)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Gears: hiking boots o trainers
  • Water on the way: no
  • Best time: all year round

Park your car around via Coletto in Castro. At the end of the street, you will see a shrine in front of you.

Take the path to the left that goes slightly uphill. Keep following the path. When you find a fork, keep the left and follow the sign Sentiero Agrituristico del Lago d’Iseo” (path number 565).

After around 10/15 minutes, the path goes slightly uphill. At some point, when you see the lake in front of you, you will find another fork, with a larger path that goes uphill and a smaller path – which you will take – that continues downhill.

Here the scenic route begins, with the path running along the lake.

Continue on this path and enjoy the view! At some point, you will enter the wood again and you will find a fork.

Lake Iseo walk

Now you have a choice: you can either continue straight on this path until it ends (in the village of Solto Collina), and then come back the same way; or take the path 565C that, after a climb in the woods of about 20 minutes, will lead you to the little church of San Defendente, where you can admire an amazing panorama.

If you decide to follow path 565C, you will go uphill for about 20 minutes. The view from San Defendente is beautiful, with the mountains, the lake, and Montisola.

Once you have rested and are ready to go again, head back towards Castro along the same path.

Here you can find the map of the paths.


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Daniela grew up in Lovere, Lake Iseo, but she has been calling London home since 2012. Oscar is her dog and best friend. They love hiking and wandering around the woods of Lake Iseo. Oscar also likes to feature in the photos that Daniela takes during their walks.

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