Bike Hotels of Lake Iseo

What’s a bike hotel?

A bike hotel is a cyclist-friendly property that offers facilities to accommodate cyclist and their beloved two-wheeled vehicles.

But what does that actually mean? To be classified as “bike hotel”, the property must offer

  1. A safe space for the bike. The cyclist hardly wants to separate from his vehicle; a bike hotel has a safe space, with a safety lock, where the bike can be stored. If this is not available, the bike can be kept in the room.
  2. Cyclist-friendly schedule. Those who are on a cycling holiday often wakes up early and leave at times that are not compatible with the timing of the hotel breakfast. A bike hotel either provides an energetic breakfast-to-go or opens its kitchen very early in the morning.
  3. Repair workshop. Bikes sometimes might need some maintenance, that’s why a bike hotel should have a space dedicated to the bicycle repairs, with tools like a pump, a set of keys, break fluids etc.
  4. Tours proposals. Often tourists, even the most prepared, do not know the area so well, so the hotelier can offer suggestions and, perhaps, indications of routes. Sometimes, bike hotels have a small library with books about the routes or maps from the tourist office.
  5. Laundry. Not all the bike hotels have a laundry, but of course it is something very handy for cyclist tourists, who might need to wash their clothes after a full day outside on the bike.

What are the bike hotels in Lake Iseo area?

Hotel Araba Fenice (Iseo)

Hotel Araba Fenice offers a bike storage, bike and mountain bike rental, a mechanical workshop, sports menu and guides for excursions.

Hotel Ulivi (Iseo)

At Hotel Ulivi you will find a bicycle storage and a laundry, bicycle hire, including e-bikes and organised cycling tours

Hotel Lovere (Lovere)

Located in Lovere, North of Lake Iseo, Hotel Lovere offers a storage for your bike, a repair workshop, a laundy, bike wash facilities and bicycle hire

Ai Ciar (Costa Volpino)

Ai Ciar is located on the mountains of North Lake Iseo (around 15 minutes drive from Lovere). The owner of this chalet is very passionate about mountain bike and will be able to guide you to discover the best cycling routes of the area.


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