Boat Tours of Lake Iseo

One of the best ways to discover the landscape of Lake Iseo is to go on a boat tour. You can either use the local ferry boat (battello) and arrange it yourself or book an organised tour, that can be tailored to your needs.

Not just daily tours though, another way to enjoy the atmosphere of Lake Iseo while drinking a glass of Fraciacorta (the local wine) is to do an aperitivo” on a boat. These are organised by private companies and take place at sunset.

And when the moon is full and the sky is clear, what’s better than navigating the calm waters of Lake Iseo in the moonlight? This is another option that the private tour companies will be happy to offer!

Have you ever dreamt of sailing onboard the iconic Riva Aquarama? With the Lake Iseo rentals you can!

Below is a list of the companies that organise the tours.

Local Ferry Boat

Navigazione Lake Iseo is the company that owns the local ferry boat (battelli, in Italian). They organise day and night cruises, but the cruises are suspended for Summer 2020/21, due to the Covid restrictions. The normal ferry boat runs regularly though, so you can still enjoy a tour of the lake. For example, you can board the ferry on the Northside, in Lovere or Pisogne, and get off in Montisola or Iseo. This will allow you to enjoy amazing views of the lake.

Private Tours

Barcaroli Monte Isola

They organise tours of the lake and offers different options that can be customised as you wish. An example of a classic tour can be the following:

  • Departure from any town of the lake early in the morning;
  • Arrival in Iseo (or another village);
  • Guided tour of the town;
  • Lunch in a selected restaurant
  • Departure for Monte Isola and tour of the island on foot or by bicycle; alternatively, stop in an equipped area on the island with time for sunbathing and swimming
  • Departure from Monte Isola

We suggest to contact Barcaroli Monte Isola directly, or your local tourist information office, that can organise this for you.

Bellini Nautica

For groups of up to 7 people, you can get the exclusive Riva Aquarama rental service with a driver, which offers an absolutely fascinating and suggestive experience. You will experience an unforgettable day aboard one of the most luxurious and renowned boats in the world.

Global Nautic

If you prefer to discover Lake Iseo on a speedboat, then Global Nautic is the right company for you. They offer 3 different tours that will show you the best spots of the lake.

Iseo Boat Tour

They organise boat tours for up to 8 people. There are standard tours that depart from Iseo, or customizable tours, that can be tailored to the need of the clients.

Sailing Iseo Lake

They are specialised in daily excursions, aperitifs, sailing in the moonlights, weddings and private parties, and personalised tours.


SportAction is located close to the village of Riva di Solto. They organise tours with the sailboat for up to 8 people and, in summer, aperitifs on the boat.


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