The prettiest villages of Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is dotted with small villages, many of which have ancient origins. The atmosphere that is perceived in these villages is quiet and relaxed.

You can stroll along the lakefront, enter the alleys and admire the churches and the medieval towers, enjoy an ice cream from one of the many gelaterie, and find a restaurant where you can try the local specialties.

Here is a list of the villages that you can’t miss!


Iseo is by far the main tourist center of Lake Iseo. Located very close to the famous wine-growing area of ​​Franciacorta, Iseo is a charming village with a typical medieval urban layout.

The beautiful lakefront, very busy on the weekends and during summer, is not the town’s only attraction.

Just wander through its alleys to discover the main square, Piazza Garibaldi, and the small alleys. You will love them! In Iseo, there is no shortage of shops, fancy boutiques, bars, and restaurants for a little shopping or a break.


Sarnico, located opposite Iseo, is the village with the longest lakefront of Lake Iseo.

During spring and summer, it’s the place to go for a gelato and a stroll. The medieval center hosts some beautiful little squares, shops, restaurants, and churches.

Sarnico is also famous for its wonderful Art Nouveau villas, among the most beautiful and important in Lombardy, the fifteenth-century Church of San Paolo, and the Gianni Bellini Art Gallery.


Lovere is located on the northern shore of Lake Iseo. The medieval village, framed by the mountains, has a very interesting historical, artistic and architectural heritage.

As soon as you arrive, you can only be dazzled by the beauty of its main square, Piazza XIII Martiri, overlooked by the houses of the medieval center. Admire the square from one of its bars while enjoying a Spritz or a glass of local Franciacorta wine.

The narrow alleys will bring you to the old medieval little square and tower, in the middle of the village. Lovere has a lovely promenade for a stroll, a majestic church (Santa Maria), and also a gallery of fine art, Accademia Tadini. All worth a visit.


On the opposite shore of the lake is located the village of Pisogne. The historic center is small but lovely.

The strongest point of Pisogne is the main square, with its tall medieval tower, that hosts many bars and restaurants and in summer is very lively.

Pisogne has a pretty long lakefront, which is really nice for a stroll. A must-see in Pisogne is the Church of Santa Maria della Neve, with its precious frescoes attributed to Romanino.

Peschiera Maraglio

Peschiera Maraglio is the most suggestive village in Montisola. Given its isolated location, the village has changed little over the last few centuries.

The number of fishermen has decreased and hand-made fishing nets are just a few, but you may still see sardines hanging out in the sun to dry. Thanks to its ancient traditions and medieval layout, Peschiera Maraglio is one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”.

The village is tiny, but Montisola offers lots to do: cycling, walking, sunbathing, swimming, or walking to the sanctuary of Madonna della Ceriola.

Riva di Solto

Riva di Solto is not as “famous” as the other villages mentioned in this list, but this only helped to enhance its beauty.

Riva di Solto is a small, quiet fishing village. The lakefront, recently renovated, is about a kilometer long and allows you to enjoy beautiful views of the lake and to reach the Orrido del Bogn, a natural inlet of the lake with rocks that drop sheer down, creating a very suggestive landscape. During summer, this area is very popular with young people who like to dive into the lake.

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