What to do

Whether you are looking for a wild and active time, a quiet weekend relaxing in the sun, or anything in between, you will be amazed by all the options available to you at Lake Iseo. Everything from beaches, to walks, to canoeing. Lake Iseo can cater for all.

Sports and Activities

There are many options when it comes to sports and outdoor activities around Lake Iseo. Lake Iseo offers many opportunities to practice water sports such as windsurf, sailing, windsurfing, wake boarding, water skiing, canoeing, and kite surfing. You will find both course and places to rent the gear.

If you prefer in land kind of sports, on the hills and mountains that surround Lake Iseo, there are plenty of opportunities for walking and hiking.

Rest and relaxation

Lake Iseo offers a good choice of swimming pools, pebble beaches and green areas by the lake, where you can sunbath. The water is clean and suitable for swimming.

If the weather is not ideal for a swimming, you can indulge in one of the spas around Lake Iseo. Or why not try the thermal park of Boario Terme? It is only 20 minutes from the north shores of Lake Iseo.

Walks and itineraries

Lake Iseo is surrounded by mountains and woods of chestnuts in the Northern part, and hills covered with olive groves on the southern shores.

If you love walking in nature, either going for a short and easy path or hiking a more challenging route, you will find Lake Iseo has many opportunities to enjoy yourself.