Spiaggia Pubblica di Carzano, Montisola

What kind of beaches can you find at Lake Iseo?

If you fancy sunbathing with the fresh lake breeze or have a swim, at Lake Iseo, you will find grass areas with access to the lake, small pebble beaches, or private lidos.

The beaches of Lake Iseo are generally small and made of rocks or gravel. The water is clear and clean and suitable for swimming. Due to the stones, we suggest wearing aqua shoes when you enter the water through the beaches.

Is the water of Lake Iseo suitable for swimming?

The short answer is: yes. The waters of Lake Iseo are checked in 46 different places by ASL technicians of Public Health, which tests for the presence of pollutants, microbes, and bacteria.

In 2021 the test gave excellent results for the water. You can check the updated map of Lake Iseo’s water condition. Where you see a blue flag, it means that the water condition is excellent.

Please note that not all the beaches are suitable for swimming. Pay attention if you see the sign “Divieto di balneazione“, which means swim is not allowed there.

Also, a few things to keep in mind:

  • Swimming in the lake is a bit different from swimming in the sea because floating requires more effort
  • Diving when you are very hot can be dangerous, as the body must get used to the cold water of the lake
  • The lake can have dangerous currents and if you are not an expert swimmer it is better to avoid diving or being in deep water

What are the most beautiful beaches of Lake Iseo?

As mentioned, at Lake Iseo there aren’t long beaches, but small pebble ones and grass areas with access to the lake.

Spiaggia Pubblica di Marone

This is one of the most popular beaches. With its white stones and enchanting view, it is also called the “Little Tahiti” for the landscape and the colors that characterise it. Be careful, however, when you go for a swim: the seabed drops quickly just a few meters from the shore, making the area unsuitable for children.

La Spiaggetta, Iseo

This is a green area with free access, that offers deck chair rental and is equipped with showers and a bar. Well known and popular with both tourists and residents, it is certainly the ideal place to relax by the lake.

Bogn, Riva di Solto

This little beach is without any doubt one of the most scenic. It is located in the Bogn area and it is reachable on foot by parking in the car park or Riva di Solto and walking along the lakefront. It is a small pebble beach with easy access to the lake. Here you can swim in the green lagoon of Bogn.

Lido Belvedere, Iseo

This is a private lido where you will find a green area and a beach created with sea sand, ideal for the children. The little ones will also have fun with a swimming pool with waterslides At Lido Belvedere you will also find picnic areas, beach volleyball courts, and even whirlpools. Dogs are also welcome here.

Lido Nettuno, Sarnico

On the opposite shore, the largest and most popular beach is certainly Lido Nettuno, which can be easily reached from Sarnico thanks to a cycle/pedestrian path. The tree-lined area of ​​22,000 square meters is well equipped with a bar, a pizzeria, picnic area, deckchair rental, soccer and beach volleyball fields, a playground, and parking.

List of beaches and grass areas of Lake Iseo


Area Feste

  • Lawn by the lake where it is possible to sunbathe and relax. Not equipped; there is access to the water
  • Address: roundabout, 24063 Castro (BG)


La Spiaggetta

  • Free access beach with a grassy area with sunbeds, showers, wakeboard and bar open from 9:30 to 22:00
  • Address: Via per Rovato, 25049 Località Pianoni, Iseo (BS)

Spiaggia Libera di Pilzone

  • Free access pebble beach
  • Address: Via per Rovato, 25049 Località Pianoni, Iseo BS, Italia


Baia del Sol

  • Free access green area equipped with showers, cabins, toilets, bar, sunbed, parking, pedestrian trail. Access to the lake with ladders.
  • Address: via Provinciale 23, 25054 Marone – Vello (BS)

Spiaggia Pubblica, Little Thaiti

  • Free access pebble beach – no beach facilities. The beach is reachable entering the park of the public library and descending the staircase behind the library building. The gate to the park is open every day from 9.30 to 19.30
  • Address: Via Roma, 83, 25054 Marone (BS)


Free beach of Carzano

  • Free access green area with picnic tables, olives tree and easy access to swim in the lake
  • Address: Località Carzano, 25050 Carzano (BS) – (45.718004, 10.094539)

Baia del Silezio

  • Free access green area with picnic tables, olives tree and easy access to swim in the lake. The area is reachable only by foot, following the signs from the main road in Località Menzino (after Residence La Perla)
  • Address: Località Menzino, 25050 Menzino (BS) – (45.704583, 10.074819)

Le Ere

  • Free access green area with picnic tables, olives tree, and easy access to swim in the lake. The road runs between the grass area and the lake, but there is no much traffic in Montisola (no cars allowed). The area is close to the pier of Peschiera Maraglio. It is said that “Le Ere” are crossed by various underwater springs that naturally recycle the water and keep it clean. For inexperienced swimmers extreme caution is suggested, the water is initially shallow for about 5-10 m. from the shore (maximum of 2 m. depth), but after 10 m. from the shore, the lake begins to become very deep and reaches 100 m. depth
  • Address: Between Peschiera Maraglio and Sensole – (45.695275, 10.085325)

Riva di Solto


  • Free access beach by the bay of Bogn. Walking towards Riva, in the Bogn pedestrian area, there is also another pebble beach
  • Address: on the road between Castro and Riva di Solto


Darsena 2.0

  • Free access green area with bar, aperitivo, and sunbeds. Dog friendly.
  • Address: Località Pizzone, 25055 Pisogne (BS)

X Beach – Lido Goia

  • Private lido where you can find a green area with sunbeds, a swimming pool, changing rooms and showers, a beach volleyball court, a bar, and a restaurant. Entrance fee
  • Address: Via Piangrande 25055 Pisogne (BS)

Sale Marasino

Spiaggia Perla Sebina

  • Free access green area with bar, sunbeds and umbrellas, toilets, showers, and volleyball court. Easy access to swim in the lake
  • Address: via Provinciale, 22, Sale Marasino (BS)


Lido Cadè

  • Open every day. Offers a bar, deckchair rental service, showers, and toilets. Dog friendly. Entrance fee
  • Address: Via Predore, 14, Sarnico (BG)

Lido Nettuno

  • Green area, with tables for picnic, showers, toilets, a bar, and a playground. Easy access to swim in the lake. Entrance fee (2 Euros)
  • Address: Via Predore, 1, Sarnico (BG)

Lido Fontanì

  • Free access green area, with easy access to swim in the lake. Open until 9 PM
  • Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 58, Sarnico (BG)