Move around

Public Transport

The easiest and better way to move around Lake Iseo area is by car. However, if you don’t drive, you can move around using the local bus or train.

Trains are only running on the Eastern coast (Brescia province), whilst the villages on the Western Coast (Bergamo province) are connected with a bus service. Please note that tickets always have to be purchased before you travel and validated when you board. Tickets are normally sold at local newsagents or bars close to the bus stops.

  • Eastern Coast (Brescia Province)
  • Western Coast (Bergamo Province)

Ferry Boat

Sailing across Lake Iseo is the perfect way to enjoy wonderful views of its picturesque villages, green mountains, secluded beaches, and the 3 beautiful islands.

In summer you can also enjoy a day or a night cruise.

Every other time of the year, the battelli (ferry boats) connects the villages and Montisola with regulars rides.