If you want to have the freedom to move around Lake Iseo area but don’t have a vehicle of your own, don’t worry! You have the possibility of renting a car, a motorcycle, a bike or a boat.

Car Rentals


  • Rent a car, a mini van or a scooter
  • Address: Via per Rovato 21, 25049 – Iseo (BS)


  • Rent a car or a van
  • Address: Via Cremignane 12, 25049 – Iseo (BS)


  • Rent a scooter, a vespa or a motorbike
  • Address: Via Giuseppe Cesare Abba 15, 25050 Passirano (BS)

Bike Rentals

E-bikes Lago d’Iseo

  • E-bike rentals, guided tours, e-bike shuttle service
  • Address: Via Kennedy 17, 24060 – Villongo (BG)

Iseo Bike

  • E-bike, bike and mountain bike rentals, guided tours
  • Address: Via per Rovato 26, 25049 – Iseo (BS)


  • E-bike rentals and guided tours
  • Address: Corso Nave Corriera, 19, 25055 – Pisogne (BS)

Canoe, kayak, sup, boats rental

Iseo Bike

  • Canoe, Stand Up Puddling, Kayak
  • Address: Via per Rovato 26, 25049 – Iseo (BS)


  • Canoe, Stand Up Puddling, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Sailing Boat
  • Address: Localita Gré, 24060 – Solto Collina (BG)
    On the west coast of Iseo lake between Castro and Riva di Solto

Bellini Nautica

  • Boat rental (private guided tours)
  • Address: Via Carlo Lanza 28, 25040 – Clusane d’Iseo (BS)

Nautica Bertelli Rent

  • Boat rental and private guided tours
  • Address: Via Mazzini, 3b, 25030 – Paratico (BS)

Lido Belvedere

  • Canoes, kayaks and pedalos rental
  • Address: Via Rovato N.28 – Iseo (BS)

Canottieri Sebino

  • Canoes and boats rental, guided tours
  • Via G. Paglia, 3, 24065 – Lovere (BG)