Tavernola Bergamasca

Tavernola Bergamasca (from the Latin word Tabernula, “small tavern”) overlooks the western shore of the lake and it enjoys a mild climate: cool in summer and temperate in winter.

About Tavernola

Tavernola boasts a full front view of Montisola, while the town of Lovere shows up in the north. Going South you can reach Sarnico and Franciacorta.

The first records about Tavernola date back to Roman period. During the medieval period the town was affected by a significant development that necessitated the construction of towers and fortifications for defense. This development also continued under the Venetian domination. After a long decline in the industrial era, in recent decades Tavernola has begun to revive its splendor thanks the tourism industry and to the the promotion of the area.

In the middle of the town stands the Torre Fenaroli (XIV century) that serves as a church tower and as entry into the medieval village. Impressive is the old steep pedestrian street with paving stone that rises to the cemetery.

What to see in Tavernola

Church of San Pietro Apostolo

Of considerable importance is the church of San Pietro (XIII century); built in a Romanesque style it is happily located in a position that dominates the landscape. Inside the presbytery you can admire the frescoes by Romanino, including the masterpiece dated 1512 “La Madonna in trono col Bambino”: on the sides of the Virgin you can recognise the figures of St. George and St.Defendente, while further down you can see Saints Peter and Paul along with some of the faithful.

To visit the church you can contact the parish of Tavernola.
tel: Casa Parrocchiale +39 035.931067/ Oratorio +39 035.931139
email: tavernolabg@hotmail.it
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parrocchiatavernola

Chiesa di San Michele di Cambianica

In the hamlet of Cambianica is the church of “San Michele” (XII century) which is the monument of national importance and stands out for the inspired Carolingian-Ottoman architecture, the elegant apse in which opens a series of single windows and the numerous internal and external frescoes dated 1364, among which the remarkable Cristo Pantocratore.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena

The church of Santa Maria Maddalena was built on the ruins of a castle. The interior is Baroque with paintings of the XVI – XVII century. Inside you can admire some frescoes recalling the life of Mary Magdalen by Francesco Savanni (painter from Brescia). A special mention must be given to the altar of Our Lady of the Rosary, made by Fantoni, and depicting the triumph of the Virgin of the Rosary over the enemies of the Church.

Sanctuary of the Madonna Cortinica

On one of the top risings above the town is the Sanctuary of the Madonna Cortinica (seventeenth century) that contains a fresco of Madonna con il Bambino and of the Saints Stefano and Antonio Abate (XV century) inserted in to wood work by the sculptor Gaspare Bianchi from Brescia.

The Villas

Also worth mentioning are a couple of beautiful villas that enrich the beauty of the landscape;

Villa Fenaroli (XVI century), at the southern entrance to the town, which has a large botanical park with several rare species.

Villa Caputo, in the north part of Tavernola, was built in the early twenties of the last century, by the architect E. Suardo, who designed the villa and created the beautiful garden, still perfectly conserved.